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“Staying inspired and following my dreams.”

I started my interior design journey over fourteen years ago in Iran. Having originally studied computer science, I realised that this was not the career choice for me.

I started searching for what I was really passionate about, and I discovered that my local college was offering a French art and design course. I decided to enroll on this course as I knew this was an avenue that I was always interested in. I absolutely fell in love with the interior design process, from conception to creating – it felt like a natural extension of my passion for being creative through design.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to design a show home quite soon after I graduated. It was for my brother, who was a property developer, and although it was unpaid, I relished the experience.

The two-bedroom apartment I had to work in was modern but in order to give it a lift, I featured a dark colour palette incorporating some statement design pieces. Despite not having much experience, I felt that interior design came naturally to me. The finished look was everything my brother wanted and more.

I could see my interior design style evolving – contemporary and a modern take on English style yet timeless – a sophisticated luxury.

I knew that I had to continue my passion for interior design, and I made the brave decision to move to the United Kingdom to pursue this dream. The history, architecture and art were inspiring, with buildings completely different from where I grew up. London was a metropolis of different buildings, colours and influences.

I decided to enrol on a bachelor’s degree course in Interior Design at Kingston University. Again, my love for interior design only continued to grow as I learnt more about this wonderful industry. After graduating, I worked for several different design companies, but I noticed there was a gap in the market. I wanted to offer clients a streamlined approach from conception to completion. It was key to ensure that every client received a bespoke service and that both myself and the client were the right fit for the project.

I began posting my previous work and creative inspirations on social media, not knowing the impact it would have; I eventually got my first project through social media, it was at that point I knew I had something unique to offer, and most importantly, I am able to manage and lead a project from start to end.

My humble home office was where I really began to build Rose Narmani Interiors and as my client base grew it was then that I decided to open offices in Kensington and Chiswick a few years ago.

I value the relationships I have with my clients and staff and it is this strong foundation that has allowed me to grow. My amazing team members are vital to the success of my company and we now have many beautiful projects across the UK and internationally.

Rose Narmani

I am grateful to have amazing clients and a valuable network of suppliers, architects and builders nationally and internationally.

I never take for granted the amazing opportunities that I am able to work on, wonderful global buildings and interior projects.

Stay safe and stay inspired.

Interior Design can be magical; it is a recipe of creativity, positivity and hard work. At Rose Narmani Interiors, we champion excellence and put it at the centre of all our projects to ensure that we consistently exceed our client’s expectations. I look forward to sharing my inspirations, trends and news with you all in my upcoming blog posts.

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