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“We are dedicated to craft exquisite, functional, and enduring interiors. We take immense pride in manifesting concepts into splendid realities. Witnessing our clients embrace a superlative lifestyle is both our pleasure and purpose”

Rose Narmani

With an extensive experience spanning over a decade, we have meticulously developed a system that simplifies the interior design process for our clients. Whether your project involves a single room or a sprawling mansion with outdoor amenities, our in-house system ensures a smooth, understandable, efficient, and transparent experience.

Similar to the success of any endeavor, we follow a three-stage process: briefing, design, and realization. While each project is unique in terms of its requirements and architecture, our system acts as a reliable framework that guides us through these stages, ensuring that we bring your dreams to life. The following is a short explanation describing the different stages of the process.

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1- Brief:

During the first stage, we engage in meaningful conversations to genuinely grasp our clients’ way of life, encompassing their stories and cultural background. Their hopes and ambitions are just as important as their dislikes – both factors carry equal significance in our considerations.

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2- Design:

In this phase, our specialists come to life. We start the design stage with an extensive network of global suppliers and a discerning eye for detail, we embark on the design journey. We tailor the design of each room according to the brief and strive to achieve an overarching design harmony. The culmination of our work is presented comprehensively in design packages during presentations.

3- Realisation:

At this point, we start to see our design coming to life seamlessly. From getting the necessary materials and placing orders, to overseeing project milestones and working with contractors, we begin to witness the hard work of our team and the passion behind the design taking shape. We complete this last stage of the design with carefully added finishing touches and a polished presentation, setting the ideal foundation for a perfect beginning for our client.

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