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Rose Narmani

Rose Narmani is a luxury multi-award winning interior design studio based in Kensington, London. Their global reach spans across Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Primarily specialising in high-end residential interiors, their meticulous attention to detail results in the creation of elegant, sophisticated, and timeless spaces, uniquely tailored to suit the preferences and lifestyles of each individual client.

At the heart of Rose Narmani’s philosophy is the belief in crafting spaces that embrace each individual’s story, experiences, and tastes. Rose envisions homes as more than just beautiful and comfortable places; they should be nurturing environments that foster personal growth and creativity.

Rose Narmani Interiors celebrates the diversity of each person and utilises it as a golden touch to create truly unique and luxurious spaces. Each project is driven by a captivating story, making the interiors deeply meaningful and special to the occupants and their families.


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South Kensington Project

South Kensington Townhouse



Grand Knightsbridge Townhouse


Country Mansion

Country Mansion



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Interior Design Journal

News & Features

Explore a unique insight into the everyday professional life of the founder and lead designer Rose Narmani and her team. The journal presents the latest news, curated interior inspiration, project transformations and home decor. Take a look at the newest Journal posts for great ideas and tips related to interior design.

This journal will follow the team at Rose Narmani Interiors in the quest to make simple interior design as luxurious and practical as possible. As we go around London and the surrounding areas, we help homeowners achieve their dreams and make their houses spectacular and worthy of pride.

Of course, we have interesting tales to tell about the design process of the various projects that we have completed and the challenges each unique home presents. However, we also have advice for those looking for influence and guidance.

Designing interiors is a specialist skill to get exactly right but that doesn’t mean the layman can’t learn a few tips and tricks from the professionals to improve the look & feel of their home environment.

Whether you’re taking on a major overhaul, a small room redecoration or hiring a professional, you’ll find everything you’ll need here.


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